Minicat legpress & comparisons
Minicat legpress & comparisons

Minicat legpress & comparisons

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Minicat legpress & comparisons


Height 5’4 163cm
Weight 110lbs 50 kg
Shoe size 8.5 US 39EU

  • Legpress with 110lbs Minicat instead of weights
  • Different acrobatic positions
  • Strength showing off
  • Muscles close ups
  • Feet comparisons
  • Feet close ups
  • Hand comparisons
  • Lifting with legs
  • All muscles showing
  • Bigman in transparent shorts
  • All angles view
  • My giant hands over his mini feet

 Watch me, the real life 7ft1 giant Bigman, easily doing my workout with the super tiny only 5ft4 Minicat- instead of lifting weights with my legs I am performing it with the little guy! Is this the legpress how you like it hmmm? See how incredibly tiny he is compared to my massive body, watch all my muscles flexing and how effortless I am raising him up to the sky. See as well how tiny his US size 8.5 feet are compared to my super long US size 22s and how my giant hands can easily crush his mini feet!

Full HD quality with sound

Duration: 3min 20