Worship meetups

Are you a fan of my giant, massive size 22 US feet? Have you always fantasized to remove my giant sneakers, breathe in the hot air, bury your face in my giant socked soles, take off my socks with your teeth, kiss down all the drop of sweat of giant, 40cm long sweaty feet, and swallow my can sized huge toes, and suck all the sweat out of them? I have some good news; you can do it at home.
I will be around in Europe, and if you buy my flight ticket, you can be one of the lucky slaves who will enjoy my 22s!
These giant feet needs some attention urgently, let me travel to your place and place them on your face, they need a tongue bath. 💦


1000$ in person meetup.

60$ in Online live session.

250$ custom videos